Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ulsios, the Martian rat

Here are some of the miniatures I use as Ulsios (Martian Rats). The albino ulsio was inspired by the rat Ben from the Willard movie. He's the smart, viscious leader of the pack:

These are from Tin Man Miniatures.


  1. Bronze Age Miniatures also has
    six-legged smaller beasties that make good ulsios

    love what you did with the calot paint scheme;
    I painted my green ala Micheal Whelan
    Warlord of Mars cover

  2. I have seen the new Bronze Age "six-legged small basties",but haven't got any yet. They will make it into my collection though...

    Thanks of the comments about the Calot paint scheme. I had also originally thought about using a green ala Micheal Whelan, but decided I wanted to go with a natural camoflage look that would blend with the "ochre moss" of the dead sea bottoms...

  3. Hey Howard:

    Just testing to make sure I can log on. will try and get some "re-enactment" photos of last weeks game sometime this week, and maybe some closeups of the Gigant, Frets, sith, and Sithan Plants. More later.


  4. Just a note on Wargaming on Mars:

    First off, I don't own the Savage Worlds rulebook, but I have had a chance to look over it. I do own GASLIGHT and Astounding TAles, and they all seem fairly alike. I am trying to run a small campaign (book if you will) of the story of 3 Adventurers on Mars. Aliwog, Kavas, and Ulmos. I am using a mixture of GASLIGHT and Astounding Tales. Both of these sets of rules are card driven, but the Astounding Tales makes use of the Jokers in the deck, and after the second joker is drawn, the "Turn" is over. It is conceivable that a Turn could therefor consist of Ulmos drawing both his cards, moving/ationing twice, and then the two jokers popping up, ending the turn with no one else moving.
    The story starts in Hellorium, where 3 young Officer Cadets in the Hellorium Navy are dancing attendance on the beautiful Lady Samai. In Chapter 2 of the Story, we meet the nefarious Black Pirate Prince, Bellrack, who kidnaps the Lady and flees from Hellorium in a swift 2 man flier.
    Our three heroes witness the kidnapping and immediately commander a 10 Man Scout Ship, "The Flowering Eye of Hellor", and along with their trusty companions (one each of course), set out in pursuit.
    Flying low over a ruined city the Flowering Eye is brought under rifle fire from Green Warriors, it escapes, but one of it's engines is smoking, and one of the forward bouyance rays has stopped working. The ship is losing altitude and slowing. Ominously, from behind, it appears a group of green warriors is following. In the distance, the outlines of battered towers of a ruined city can be made out. A small 2 man flier can be made out drifing nose first in the light wind.
    The Flowering Eye comes to rest behind a hill. From somewhere ahead the roar of a Banth can be heard....

    Chapter 3 will begin.....

  5. Howard:

    I have 12/21/2010 available, would you be interested in continuing on to Chapter 4? Trying to line up Dave and Jim. More Later