Saturday, December 4, 2010

Savage Beasts of Mars! Banths and Calots.

Here is a shot showing a comparison of the size of the Banths and Calots.

White Apes of Barsoom

This is another shot of the White Apes that haunt the ancient deserted cities along the dead sea bottoms.

These are by Bronze Age Miniatures.

Ulsios, the Martian rat

Here are some of the miniatures I use as Ulsios (Martian Rats). The albino ulsio was inspired by the rat Ben from the Willard movie. He's the smart, viscious leader of the pack:

These are from Tin Man Miniatures.

Calots, the Martian Dog.

More Martian wildlife. These are the miniatures I am using as Calots:

These also are by Bronze Age Miniatures.

Banths, the Martian Lion

This update adds some pictures of the latest additions to my Mars miniatures collection. Here are some Banths...

These miniatures are from Bronze Age Miniatures Sci-Fi line.